Stationary & Mobile Barge Loading System

Stationary & Mobile Barge Loading System

Stationary & Mobile Barge Loading System

A barge loader is a large machine used for loading bulk solid materials into ships and is commonly used in ports and jetties from where bulk materials are exported. Since no special civil works are required, the mobile barge loader can operate on any suitable dock area or river berth using existing infrastructure, thus drastically reducing the capital cost of a new export facility with the further benefit of fast track availability.

As an alternative to labor-intensive cranes, clamshell buckets, cable stackers and costly stationary ship loading systems, custom-built mobile loading conveyors come at lower capital investment, shorter lead times, quick assembly and easy relocation of equipment when needed.

The material reception feeder provides a buffer holding capacity before its discharge to the ship loader boom. Single or twin bulk feeder’s options are available.
Barge loading conveyors can also be designed with telescopic boom depending on the customer requirement.
The capacities of barge loading system can be upto 2000TPH.
Typically mobile barge loading conveyors are, conventional belt conveyors mounted on a movable chassis. The chassis is provided with an e-house which is having all the control panels. The chassis sometimes also accommodates diesel generator sets as a main power source.

Pulse jet bag filter system offered by us is a filter-cleaning equipment thatpollution-control-system utilizes pulsed air to remove matter collected on surface of the filter bags. Pulsing also occurs while Inlet dust flow continues so that operation of bag filter is not interrupted. Number of pulse valves used for cleaning of filter bags.

Dust laden air or gases enter through the duct by suction of fan. The light dust is distributed and deposited on the outside surface of the filter bags. Dust deposited on filter bag surface is dislodged by “pulse jet type bag cleaning arrangement”.

In pulse jet type of bag cleaning arrangement, each of filter bag row is cleaned sequentially by compressed air pulses. The pulses are controlled by sequential timer to optimize reverse pulsing & air consumption. The compressed air makes the bag to inflate there by the dust which is on the surface of the bag is dislodged and falls into the connected process equipment.

The telescopic cascade trimming chute controls the material velocity from the outloading boom head to the hold floor to prevent particulate separation and dust generation. Comprising a stack of inclined cones, the cascade device constrains the material flow in a zigzag pattern to limit the flow velocity.

The system is supplied with an external flexible cover to enclose the material path preventing wind-blown dust generation. In addition, a rotating distributer is also available to provide ship trimming capability comprising a chute mounted to a slew ring with an electric motor drive unit.

Combined with the dust control features illustrated, the cascade system permits the handling of very dry and dusty material with minimum environmental pollution. By significantly reducing dust generation, extraction systems may either be eliminated completely or sized at an economical level for extremely sensitive applications. At the bottom of the telescopic chute a 360deg trimmer is an additional attachment for a better spreading of material in the barge.

All the mobile barge loading systems are provided with sophisticated drive mechanisms of wheels and their controls. A comprehensive air conditioned e-house consisting of MCC,PLC, Operators control desk is mounted on the machine.Hydraulic system and accessories are also accommodated in e-house with a separate partition. E-house is completely acoustic proof which encompasses the MCC, PLC and Control Desk along with VVFD panels.One part of the e-house is provided with hydraulic power packs and controls along with Centralized lubrication system.

Safety interlocks:
1. Fire alarm systems.
2. Conveyor safety field interlocks like PCS, BSS & ZSS.
3. Smoke detection for hazardous materials.
4. All major E & I accessories can be certified under “ATEX”.

Manoeuvring of mobile barge loading system is extremely operation Instrumentation-and-Communifriendly. The total operation of manoeuvring can happen through a remote control.

In case of manual operation usually a towing equipment is attached to barge loading system equipment for easy manoeuvring.

However using axle mounting comprehensive powered travel system is a part of new generation barge loading systems. Powered travel is through hydraulic motor units and controlled from a central hydraulic and PLC system.

For larger capacity machines, twin tandem axles are also used which can accommodate up to 8 wheels on front and rear axles. Usually a set of hydraulic out riggers are used to lift the machine in order to achieve directional change. However in line front or rear wheel slewing motion is also possible.

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