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Managing Director

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Suneel Lakshman is a first generation entrepreneur and philanthropist, who became the Managing Director of Bevcon Wayors Pvt Ltd in 1991 and guided the company for 21 years. He was widely referred as a ‘futurist’, a ‘visionary’ or simply a ‘master of innovation’. Entrepreneurial spirit, Discipline, Creativity and Determination were synonymous with Suneel Lakshman…


After a brief calling in a few multinational companies, the urge to venture on his own led Suneel Lakshman to partner with Y Srinivas Reddy, and launch “Bevcon Wayors Pvt Ltd” The words, “Bevcon Wayors” were coined by Suneel, after it was creatively combined with a few letters from “Bucket Elevators” and “Conveyors’

Management Style
Suneel Lakshman was a demanding perfectionist, who always aspired to position his businesses and products in the fore front. He was charismatic and had this affinity, to draw people towards him.
He firmly believed in employee welfare and in making people feel equal, loved and most importantly respected; for their work. He introduced many welfare programs for employees of Bevcon. He brought best practices from across the industry in the area of Human Resource Development and Processes to Bevcon. He always provided creative solutions to challenges at work. He was an inspiration through his discipline and determination to all at Bevcon.
Philanthropy work
With a vision to significantly contribute to achieving quality education that facilitates a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society, Suneel Lakshman contributed significantly to many charitable organizations, for educating the poor.Any cause that appealed to him, received substantial clandestine donations.
As a Visionary
Suneel Lakshman took the word impossible out of his dictionary and inspired himself to see the world as a place of exciting and limitless possibilities.

He could picture the applicability of new technologies and products before others could and applied new concepts or ideas, with ease. This character was backed by years and years of reading, studying market trends, careful listening and honed capacity to forecast. Despite all this preparation, it required undeniable guts to pioneer revolutionary products and technologies in material handling, into Indian markets, at a time when companies were unwilling to even experiment. Yet, Suneel took his chances, aggressively broadened the company’s range of products and steered Bevcon to success.
Suneel Lakshman’s genuine leadership abilities, exceptional capability to motivate and trust people, extraordinary farsightedness, modesty and uncompromising quest for excellence will continue to guide and inspire future generations at Bevcon Wayors.