Rotary Air Valve

Rotary Air Valve

Rotary Air Valve

Bevcon Rotary feeders are also known as Rotary Airlocks or Rotary valves, are commonly used in industrial and agricultural applications. Rotary feeders are primarily used for discharge of bulk solid material from hoppers / bins, receivers and cyclones into a pressure or vacuum driven pneumatic conveying system. Components of a rotary feeder include a rotor shaft, housing, head plates, and packing seals and bearings. Rotors have large vanes cast or welded on and are typically driven by small electric motors.

Rotary airlock valves have wide application in industry wherever dry free flowing powders, granules, crystals or pellets are used. Typical materials include: cement, ore, sugar, minerals, grains, plastics, dust, fly ash, flour, gypsum, lime, coffee, cereals, pharmaceuticals, etc. Rotary feeders are ideal for pollution control applications in wood, grain, food, textile, paper, tobacco, rubber, and paint industries.

Rotary valves are available with square or round inlet and outlet flanges. Housing can be fabricated out of sheet material or cast. Common materials are cast iron, carbon steel and other materials. Rotary airlock valves are often available in standard and heavy duty models.

  • Maintenance Friendly
  • Round & Square flanges
  • Rotor fabricated  in Mild Steel, Abrasion resistant steel, Brass, Teflon
  • Minimized clearance at rotor tips and sides

The basic use of the rotary airlock feeder is as an airlock transition point, sealing pressurized systems against loss of air or gas while maintaining a flow of material between components with different pressure and suitable for air lock applications ranging from gravity discharge of filters, rotary valves, cyclone dust collectors, and rotary airlock storage devices to precision feeders for dilute phase and continuous dense phase pneumatic convey systems.

Rotary airlock feeders/ rotary airlock valves are used in pneumatic conveying systems, dust control equipment, and as volumetric feed-controls.

  • Granules
  • Cement
  • Ore
  • Sugar
  • Minerals
  • Grains
  • Dust
  • Fly Ash
  • Flour
  • Gypsum
  • Limestone
  • Coffee
  • Cereals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Wood
  • Grain
  • Food
  • Textile
  • Paper
  • Tobacco
  • Rubber

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