Pneumatic Ash Handling System

Pneumatic Ash Handling System

Pneumatic Ash Handling System

Bevcon offering Pneumatic Conveying System is the most efficient and effective method of transporting granular and bulk solid materials to storage or to process unit within a production environment.

Bevcon Dense phase Pneumatic Conveying System technology is suitable for transporting fine, difficult and abrasive materials along a pipe line as a coherent slug / plug at a very low velocity (2-6 M/sec). This results in minimal wear on pipes and bends, promoting minimum maintenance and long life. Efficient use of compressed air also gives low power consumption and running costs.

Bevcon core strength lies in effective integration of various Material Handling equipment & systems. To create one stop solution of Coal/Biomass Ash Handling system, Bevcon developed the Dense Phase Ash Handling System a Decade back.

Till date Bevcon has installation references of more than 100 Plants of Pneumatic conveying system of Fly Ash, Coal, Petro Coke fluidised bed material, Lignite, Iron Ore etc. in core sector Industries e.g. CPP, Steel, Cement in India and abroad Philippines, South Africa

  • Applications
  • Uses compressed air as the conveying medium
  • Transfers bulk materials of almost any type
  • Moves larger quantities of material
  • Moves material at longer distances
  • Flexible in terms of rerouting and expansion
  • Transports from one or more sources to single or multiple destinations
  • Utilizes less space
  • No spillage during conveying
  • Multiple pick-up points on a single pipeline
  • Friendly batching system
  • Suitable solutions for custom requirement especially for complicated layouts
  • Specialized in supply Quick & Easy replaceable rubber seal arrangement for Inlet valve to reduce down time
  • Online service support
  • Flexibility in supply of various types of MOC for minimum wear & tear
  • Instant service support from Regional offices
  • Fly Ash, Bed Ash
  • Calcined Pet Coke
  • Sponge Iron Dust
  • Graphite Powder
  • Steel Industries
  • Cement industries
  • Mineral process industries
  • Chemical & Pharma industries
  • Food Industries
  • Foundries
  • Sponge Iron plants
  • Sugar industries
  • Furnace Cooler Dust in Steels
  • Raw Meal Powder
  • Carbon Black Powder
  • Husk / Baggase Ash
  • Many more applications

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