Overland Pipe Conveyor

Overland Pipe Conveyor

Overland Pipe Conveyor

Pipe Conveyors is a modern & environmentally friendly transport system which overcomes numerous problems associated with conventional conveyor systems. Pipe Conveyors have unlimited capability for direct transferring of materials between two points which is not possible with conventional conveyors. It eliminates number of transfer points and non-exposure to atmosphere results in retention of material properties along conveying length thus results in clean and environment friendly transportation eliminating spillage of material.

Pipe conveyor at the loading point will be open in a conventional troughed form, after which it will form into a pipe shape by passing through a series of transition idlers over the transport length, thus completely encloses the material within the pipe and at the discharge point the belt again opens in a conventional troughed form and allows material to be discharged in a normal process.

Even through return side of belt, there are possibilities of transporting second material thereby reducing capital and operating cost.

Pipe conveyors can convey materials along either horizontal or vertical curvatures or combination of both at steeper angle of inclination. The elimination of transfer stations also disposes the need for additional pulleys, chutes, dust collection or dust suppression equipment, foundations and power distribution. Therefore, product degradation is also significantly reduced. Most important, the associated maintenance of a transfer point is completely removed.

  • DC drives at head and tail control belt speed, optimizing material loading and energy consumption
  • Maintenance vehicle rides on the top of the conveyor structure
  • Minimum spillage makes the conveyor best suited for environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Long distance overland single flight pipe conveyor
  • Installed in difficult hilly terrain
  • The support structure for the pipe conveyor is considerably narrower than the equivalent conventional belt conveyor, and therefore is more cost effective
  • The pipe conveyor has replaced truck haulage with all its disadvantages and associated costs. This conveyor is now an environmentally acceptable solution, closely following the existing canyon road. It was constructed with extra care to avoid erosion and damage to vegetation.
  • The flexible design that allows the conveyor to negotiate sharper radii compared to conventional conveyor
  • The idlers arranged to form a hexagon are used to support and guide the pipe shaped conveyor
  • The pipe conveyor can negotiate much steeper angles of inclination than a conventional belt conveyor. Due to the round cross-section, increased contact area between the material and the belt occurs that allows an angle of inclination of approx. 27 deg
  • Pipe conveyor can transport the same volume of material as the conventional belt conveyor that is typically 2.5 to 3 times the size of a given pipe diameter.
  • The same standard components that are used for conventional conveyors are also used for the pipe conveyor
  • Uniform feed to the pipe conveyor is important for its stability and tracking, for which feeders are used and to assure a constant and uniform flow of material in the pipe conveyor a monitor and variable speed drive be employed. The cross-section monitor detects the material load at the loading chute and provides a signal to vary the belt speed to facilitate a uniform cross-section at all times.

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Overland Conveyor Company – USA (1)Bevcon brings to India, a world-class technology in the domain of Long distance Overland Troughed and Pipe conveyors in technical collaboration with Overland Conveyor Company Inc, USA.Overland Conveyor Company (OCC) is one of the leading global design consultants of Long distance troughed and pipe conveyors for various material handling applications.

In their 3 decades of existence, OCC has the credentials of providing successful solutions for complex applications across sectors for clients in different countries.

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